Welcome from Legacy Dance Company! What started out as a small dream has grown into a huge reality not only for me, but for the students, teachers and parents at Legacy. Legacy is a professional, accredited dance institution offering dance education to all levels and ages of dancers.

Our main goal is to provide students with a fun and educational environment in which they will learn about music, performing and the art of dance. The Legacy philosophy is that dance is fun; we aim to provide a dance environment that is welcoming, delivering quality dance, providing a safe studio with a professional atmosphere, and most importantly, that each dancer has fun and leaves having had a pleasurable experience.  Along with this idea, it is important that students learn discipline and respect for the art of dance.  At Legacy we feel it is important that each dancer feels confident and proud of their abilities and accomplishments.

From the age of 2 to adult all students are challenged according to their age and ability. There is no student that we are unwilling to work with, in one capacity or another. I am proud of our professional dancing facility. Having five fully equipped studios with full-length mirrors, professional cushioned dance flooring, dual height barres, sound systems and a full floor of gymnastic mats (preventing injuries to the feet, knees and lower back) allows all students to achieve a full range of dance education in a safe and secure environment. We offer a clean and sanitized working environment not only for our students but for our parents who spend ample time at the studio.

On top of that we have closed circuit monitoring in 4 of our 5 studios so that parents can watch their children in the classes without distraction. Our Legacy Faculty is professionals who are devoted to their students and the programs. They teach their students in a kind and respectful manner directing them in the understanding of teamwork, cooperation and compassion.

We believe in team-spirit and commitment and this is ingrained in all of our dancers through the staff. I could not ask for a better faculty, with teachers near and far they have only enhanced the quality of training at Legacy.